The Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society is excited to be supported by Ivan Berryman as his Charity of Choice for 2013. There is much synergy between ourselves and Ivan as art and aviation combine, to capture those special moments we all remember, but forgot to record and to re create the experiences of yesteryear on canvas.

Aircraft are designed as works of art, not least to ensure the best operational performance and least drag, but also as practically designed workhorses to meet diverse needs all over the world . Ivan’s father Denis who was Britten-Norman’s Engineering Director achieved both with the design and manufacture of the BN 2 Islander.

We hope you will be able to see from this website why it is important to rebuild and preserve the world’s oldest BN 2 Islander, in memory of John Britten & Desmond Norman and their Island workforce that produced over 1250 examples of this type, a record for commercial aviation in the UK, with over 600 aircraft remaining in service in 2013.

We hope like Ivan that you may be able to help us with our task of funding and rebuilding this icon “the land rover of the skies”.

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