Customer Feedback

I have been very fortunate to have received a lot of very positive feedback for the paintings that I have completed for my customers, some of which I would like to share with you here. My thanks go to all those that have taken the trouble to let me know their thoughts. I have taken the liberty of naming them by initials only to protect their confidentiality.

"Hi Ivan.
Thank you so much!
Your painting captures the amazing struggle of man and machine with the cold Atlantic below and the vast ocean of air above.
Thanks for sharing this awesome talent with the rest of us.
Warm regards."

"Hi Ivan.
I have today been in a position to collect and view the painting.
All I can say is that it is truly magnificent. I only wish I had a fraction of the talent and craftsmanship you clearly have. There is no doubt this painting will for many years to come give me much pleasure and happiness, with the memory of my Dad's days serving on it fresh.
I am so pleased that D put me in touch and you were available / able to complete in such a prompt time-frame.
Thank you again, a fantastic painting for sure.
Kind Regards,"

"Morning Ivan,
I think it is absolutely brilliant and shows very clearly your considerable skills as an artist and your love of aviation. This picture captures for me the essence of what flying and the Islander is all about - the thrill of the take off in wonderful detail with true to time background.

"Good evening Ivan,
The VCN painting is brilliant - I can almost hear the engines roaring away. It really captures the atmosphere of the time.
All the best."

"Hi Ivan,
Wow can you believe it. The man seems happy and is smiling.
Love the painting and I know G called you to express his positive thoughts as well. Enough happiness to make the snow melt in this area.
Thank you so much."

"Dear Ivan,
Just arrived! The painting is great! Congratulations! As you said, the original is better than the photo you e-mailed. Congratulations and many thanks!
Kind regards,"

"Hi Ivan,
I took delivery of another painting of yours this morning.
Just thought I'd email a quick line to say how pleased with it I am. Great cloudscape and great light on the upper wing surface, love it!"

"Hi Ivan,
Many thanks for sending the image.
To say I'm pleased is a big understatement! It looks absolutely fantastic & your suggested apsect & colour changes work perfectly, also bearing in mind it's only an image I'm sure the real thing will be even more impressive. I also love the caption.
Once again this is more than I was hoping for.
Many thanks"

"Magic !! Wow!
I'm over the moon. Thanks ever so much Ivan."

Dear Mr Berryman
I purchased one of your paintings about four years ago now as I fell in love with it at first sight. I would be interested to know how highly you rate this particular painting against the many you have done. I know I will be biased but I think it must be up there with your very best. For me of course it is your best work. It hangs pride of place on our wall and I love the way it comes alive when the light of a beautiful day give a more intense brighter light. It is wonderful piece of work. I bought it from Aces High Aviation Gallery. The piece is of course "The Burning of L'Orient".
Yours sincerely

Absolutely stunning, beautiful, wow - it's a really great tribute to 23 Sqn.
Will have to order some prints!!!!
P. S.

You've done it again!
I just received two beautiful prints, and they are magnificent!! Thank you very much!
Your artist has better captured the moment, than the camera gun shot ever could, and the caption does justice to all!
The one of your father's night pass is chillingly terrifying, as Ivan has portrayed it, and the caption sums up the tragic outcome, and brave attack!
Thanks on behalf of Paul Beaudet and me.
G. S.

Ivan certainly knows what he is doing. I've tried my hand at painting and know how difficult it can be so I can sit back and admire. As you say you have had to use a certain amount of artistic license you could not have done a better job.
D. L. B.

Dear Ivan,
It's perfect! You captured with great details the drama of the combat over the Venetian lagoon on that overcast February day.