Any of the paintings being offered for sale from the artist's studio can be viewed at the studio by prior appointment. Every care has been taken to ensure an accurate reproduction of each painting on this website, but nothing can better seeing the original for yourself. To make an appointment, please email via this website by clicking on the "Email Ivan" link or by telephoning the studio direct on 01983 882648.

Postage and packing to anywhere in the UK is free on all original paintings. Airmail to overseas countries will be charged at cost and will include insurance. Items marked as framed can be sold with or without their frames, but I regret that any frames containing glass cannot be shipped and these items will be sold unframed, unless collected in person.

Study in Light and Shade

Acrylic on Board 41 x 25.5cm, Framed



Oil on Board 41 x 25.5cm, Framed


The Silence

Acrylic on Board 43 x 35.5cm, Framed


Girl in a Window

Acrylic on Board 30.5 x 23cm, Framed


RMS Titanic

Oil on Canvas 71 x 46cm, Framed


The elegance of the White Star Line's most iconic and tragic ship is evidenced here as RMS Titanic steams majestically into history against the warm glow of the Atlantic dusk.

[This impressive canvas is being offered on behalf of a client and any serious offers will be passed on to them for their consideration]

The Big Stick

Acrylic on Canvas 71 x 46cm


Avro Vulcan B.2 XM648 had a long and distinguished career with 101 Sqn at Waddington, among others, but finally succumbed to the breaker's torch in December 1982.

Guardian of the Forest

Acrylic on Canvas 51 x 30.5cm


Dawn over the Sands

Acrylic on Board 23 x 17cm, Framed


Sunset on the Mead

Acrylic on Board 25 x 20cm, Framed


The Old Mill Pond

Acrylic on Board 17 x 14cm, Framed


Between Sun and Sand

Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 50.8cm


Winter Sun

Acrylic on Board 61 x 40.6cm


First Light

Acrylic on Board 45.7 x 38cm


A Passing Storm

Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 33cm

£450 Framed

Riding The Ninth Wave

Acrylic on board 50.8 x 35.5cm

£750 Framed

Bembridge Point, 1917

Acrylic on board 61 x 38cm


As the afternoon sun breaks through an overcast sky, handling crews from RNAS Bembridge manoeuvre a Wight Converted seaplane in the water, ready for take off. The base was short-lived, opening in 1915 for anti-submarine patrols but, by 1920, it had served its purpose and was closed. Up to 190 men served here, most of them accommodated in the nearby Spithead Hotel. Both aircraft sheds were eventually dismantled and re-used - one becoming an amusement arcade on Shanklin seafront and the other a garage in Ryde. Also visible in this view is the Royal Spithead Hotel, Bembridge Station and the old jetty which, at deep water, could receive paddle steamers.

Bembridge Dawn

Acrylic on board 40 x 28cm



Acrylic on board 40 x 28cm


Britten-Norman BN-3 Nymph

Acrylic on board 76 x 50.8cm


The elegant BN-3 Nymph is depicted here having been re-painted in a more conventional colour scheme. This very aircraft, first flown on 17th May 1969, is still airworthy and regularly flown, together with a small number of its hybrid stablemates, the NAC1 Freelance.

Merstone Station

Acrylic on board 41 x 25cm


Resplendent in the British Railway's malachite green livery, 02 class 0-4-4T No31 Chale has just arrived with a train from Cowes in the summer of 1948, en route to Sandown. The remote location of this station meant that it never generated much revenue, but served as the vital interchange for the Sandown and Ventnor West lines until the closure of the whole line on 6th February 1956.

Shanklin Station

Acrylic on board 41 x 25cm


02 Class W18 Ningwood approaches Shanklin Station with one of the last trains bound for Ventnor on a fine April day in 1966. Within days, the Ventnor line was to close forever, making Shanklin the new terminus and signalling the beginning of the end for the Island's steam railway network.

Blackwater Station

Acrylic on board 41 x 25cm


The winter of 1955 was one of the coldest in recent memory. Even the Isle of Wight found itself snowbound, but the expanding bus service and ever-reliable rail network ensured that people could still get around. Here, a Bristol Lodekka Mk1 takes the level crossing at Blackwater as the Stationmaster awaits a train from nearby Shide, bound for Merstone and Sandown. By the winter of 1956, the station was closed forever.

Freshwater Station

Acrylic on board 41 x 25cm


Opened on 20th July 1889, Freshwater Station was the terminus of the line west from Newport and went through a number of changes before closure in September 1953. The station building remained for a few years after closure before being demolished to make way for a small factory and latterly a supermarket. The signal box, however, has survived to the present day and is now situated at Wootton as part of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

Britten-Norman BN-3 Nymph

Acrylic on board 50.8 x 30.5cm


Designed to compete with the domination of Cessna and Piper in the light aircraft market, Britten-Norman's successor to their world-beating Islander was the BN-3 Nymph, a single engined, four seat tourer that featured folding wings for economical hangar storage. First flown on 17th May 1969, the Nymph secured advance orders for 105 aircraft before the project was shelved when the company was forced into liquidation.

Isle of Wight Railway Collection

Eleven Paintings

£600 to £800 each

A rare opportunity to purchase paintings from a private collection depicting the age of steam on the Isle of Wight.

Please click on the image to see details of each of the eleven paintings.

Lady On Red

Acrylic on board 45.7 x 30.5cm

£800 Framed

Figure study, 2015.

The Watering Place

Oil on canvas 91.5 x 61cm

£800 Framed


Oil on board 51 x 40.5cm


Figure study, 2011

Gossamer Wings

Oil on board. 49 x 39cm


Originally painted under my pseudonym 'Heller', this is one of a series of fantasy paintings involving fairies and is one of my favourite works. Now being offered for sale from my private collection, it is beautifully framed and ready to hang.

Lacewing Fairy

Acrylic on board. 37 x 31cm


Another of my fairy paintings, again once displayed under the pseudonym 'Heller'.This is also being offered from my personal collection and is beautifully framed in a brushed silver frame.

The Dancer

Acrylic on board. 51 x 30.5cm


This figure study is a new painting, a study in light and shade. It is offered in a bespoke speckled frame.